Translated into Monsang Naga by Dr Sh. Francis Monsang with assistance from Ng. Benithan


Forum for Naga Reconciliation
Public Statement on Repatriation of Naga Ancestral Remains



Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) le Pitt Rivers Museum (PRM) ing Edinburgh University le Melbourne University na eong Naga researchers hethoh nta Museum na eum Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw Naga kee atung nang nonglham ngngeebiir najena.
COVID-19 pandemic ing maram nsuwh ke kum ronga (5) enhuwna PRM hing September 22, 2020 na nong nhintule Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw Museum tena ngngisuwsa. Ajiituna amii ntuka temeniibe British hing Tasaam Naga Hum mmingkong kha njati-njati te belivachii naka. Erhiir Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw Museum tena esuw heke box na nsiihse. Atele-atele Tasaam Naga Hum (nsaruw, nsam) ase 214 Museum na umne.
Melbourne University na Associate Professor nsuwh Naga anthropologist Dr. Dolly Kikon ing Guardian newpaper apale PRM he nong ntuwhpuw ke, Museum Director chuw Tasaam Naga Hum lina asiisa. Ama enhuwna, amang PRM na eum Tasaam Naga Hum lina FNR thoh ntanasahe. Amanhuwjiing, PRM hing FNR he nhingna ajiikhang chiing Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw nram-nram te jinchivachii ka, hungliivachii ka, vokhejeke amalina ajiinong hintuvachii ka echiina ntanasa he. PRM thoh ntana enhuwjiing, FNR hing Naga Jaatti bekheh thoh Museum na eum Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw ajiikhang echiing seva echii ka maniike ajii minlutruw echiina ttong mminsise.
PRM hing FNR thoh nong hintu ning nte mmindangpe, “FNR hing Naga Jaatti bekheh ing ngkheh le ngkheh ningsiing ongna nong amaching ngkuupi nong nhintu hii kimmapaana, amaching Naga Jaatti bekheh Upa hethoh ajiikhangchiing Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw etthang seteruw, maniike enhe tenuwbe, Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw nram-nram tungna lina nong hinliiteruw echiina ebum tenuwbe dam tthavate.” PRM hing nnonglham na “ngkheh le ngkheh ningsii vokhejeke esibesana nna-ngki behir menuw ke ngkheh le ngkheh ngkuupi teruw echii emindangse.”

Ejinchiina Alham le apha
Tasaam Naga hum ejinchiina hii alham siine. Amiining ajii hunglhuwhne temenuwbe Upa hethoh themhing etong, Tasaam Naga hum hechuw akhu Naga Jaatti kehe echii, Naga Jaatti tena kinta ka echii ttong, Naga Jaatti hing PRM ehungveer amana Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw amii kinta ka echii (kimmapu/kimmapi hum ka echi erhiir eche nang), vokhejeke PRM tena ejinchi arhuna nong ebetthuh le Naga ram te ejinchi amii nong hehii ka.
Amii nong bekheh hii ehintu taana kum 8-15 bekhe hunglhuwh vate. Amii nonglham nahing, Naga Jaatti bekheh hing luw mintuwna drakarne, emapa-emanuw maniike emapu-emapi hum mveka echii ejong drakarne, vokhejeke miram nonglham eminjii je drakarne. Amiipang maake, amii nonglham nahing minjiiva echii hechuwbe ngkheh le ngkheh ngkuupi, ngkheng ngkheh mi derte asiimaa, amana Jaatti ngkheng Jaatti ngkheh peese maniike nsina wakhar elhuung ing ibiir amii hehii ka.

FNR ing echingvate
FNR nong chuwbe enuw bekheh eching niike PRM Museum na eum Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw nram-nram te ejinchina lham esehpee vate chuwka. Amiining hintuva ntechuwbe, Naga bekhehhe Upa hethoh themhin etong, themhin ejong, thiimjii ejong, Ruh Upa, ruwrchang Upa hethoh themhin ejong, amana Nagaland sarkar thoh ajiikhang Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw nram-nram te jinchivachii ka echii hii ka.
Amii nonglham nahing Naga Jaatti bekheh mve drakaar ne, amanaching FNR hing Naga Jaatti bebheh na eluwpaa ttongche mminjaarpe. Hevii linahing nghimbesang hebe FNR hing ngngintuwhphuwpe, ateleje himbesang vate mi dam vehne. Tasaam Naga Hum maram nahing PRM hing Tasaam Naga Hum njaatti maniike mphungkha hethoh nong ehingtu ngngidiihsaana. Amii nonglham hii hungcha niibe, FNR hing Nagaland sarkar ntuwhphuw niike sejaam hing mmindin ttong minjaar savatehe.
FNR hing amii nong hii ehingtule matam lhuwvate echii mmimnhuwse amanaching ekar khiing himbethiim vachii ka. FNR hing ntechuwbe Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw Naga ram te ejinchi na nonglham hii Naga Jaatti bekheh kee na umne.

Ehungjong Ejinchi amana Mi-derna Aumnamaa (RRaD)
Tasaam Naga hum hechuw ejingchina nong hintu vate rotum nahing FNR hing Ehungjong Ejinchi amana Mi-derna aumnamaa Ruh (Recover Restore and Decolonise, RRaD) nsemse, amana nnuwng Naga Jaatti na thiimshing jong henii ke, achuw-achuw mvevate vokhejeke sejaam bekheh chuw ttong minthii savatehe. Naga Jaatti bekheh hing hevii Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw Naga ram te jinchi teruw teheniibe, Ehungjong Ejinchi amana Mi-derna aumnamaa Ruh (Recover Restore and Decolonise, RRaD) nong chuwbe Oxford Univeristy te hevii Tasaam Naga Hum hehii kinta ka echii eluwpaa ziihttong beziihva nte ka. Hevii nonglham nahing FNR hing PRM thoh nong nghingtu Dr Dolly Kikon le Edinburgh Univeristy, UK na Senior Lecturer ngnginsuwhpee Naga anthropologist Dr Arkotong Longkumer chuw Ehungjong Ejinchi amana Mi-derna aumnamaa Ruh (Recover Restore and Decolonise, RRaD) bumva chiina nnongpe.
Ehungjong Ejinchi amana Mi-derna aumnamaa Ruh (Recover Restore and Decolonise, RRaD) hing nong nghimbethiimpe amaning nnuwng nghingtu hechuwbe ttongruw mmingkong, Naga Jaatti upa hethoh ntana, thiimshing hethoh ntana, amana PRM tena video, ttong, Naga Jaatti bebheh na mmindang amii hehii ka. Amii Ruh hing leentaang Jaatti hing nta tasaam he hum ajiikhang chiing nram-nram te nrhii ka echiije arhuw jongsavate he.
Amii nonglham nahing Ehungjong Ejinchi amana Mi-derna aumnamaa Ruh (Recover Restore and Decolonise, RRaD) hing Naga Jaatti bekheh tena thiimshing heje mimvesa vatehe. Hevii nonglham arhuw ejong nahing FNR hing Ehungjong Ejinchi amana Mi-derna aumnamaa Ruh (Recover Restore and Decolonise, RRaD) hechuw ebumna rotum Naga Jaatti bekhehna thiimshing himmingkarruw echii ttong je mpeepe.

Naga sina
FNR hing Naga Jaatti bekheh themhin hii ngkerne echii mmimmhuwse. Naga Jaatti ing miderna esihii atelephanang umne. Esibesana miderna ong khangjemenuw, esibesa le atele- atelena sina lham ekhe drakarne. Amiining, FNR hing ngkheh le ngkheh Jaatti nrhuna nong le ngkuupee nong nghintule nluwhsaa chuwbe, esibesana miderna ong muwkha behir menuw ke, atele-atele esina lham aanaarnang ehinsem drakarne. Atele-atele esina hii esibesa tena khemaa menuwbe ehungsina lham esem chamaa menuw.
Naga sinana ebiir menuwbe, Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw Naga ram te jinchite ete hii miderna ongmaa menuw echii ttong ka. Amachuw keniibe Naga sina lhamna miderna simaa menuw amana Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw eramte jinrhii teruw echii ttongngam arhuse. Naga sina lham ehinsemna rotum enuw bekheh belungriir nttim ing vokhejeke belungriir elhuung ing nong ehintu drakarne. Hevii nonglham hii Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw eramchii te ejinchi pangmaa ke, hevening enuwng tuva etechuwbe ethemhin mindangva etekeruw, esina hinsemva etekeruw amana ngkheh le ngkheh ngkuwrna lham semva tekeruw. Atataana jotemenuwbe, Tasaam Naga Hum hechuw jinchiteruw etehii echumlaar, achuwkemuw, elaarnungchin, esina amana eenthiingna emindangna ka. Atebe miderna simaa menuw vokhejeke etaasa lhamsuw hinsemteruw echiina ka.
Naga sina hii mithoh nghaa rhumaa. Hevii hing Naga phipham na dam eluw nonglham pangmaa ke, enuw bekheh mmimpurna, ngkuwrna vokhejeke mi jaatti sina le Tasaam Naga Hum ejinchina arhu lham nsuwhva ate ka. Naga ntongna temenuwbe, Tasaam Naga Hum eram te jinchi teruw etehii enuw bekheh nhingna ethar ttong ngkheh je nsuwhne. Changkhangjenii, atebe lolhiipaam nahing ttonglha emimmhuw cherkeruw. Amanaching, Jaatti bekheh maniike mahetamna bekheh hehii hevii hanchii ttonglha na vehmaa he. Amataanaching, ttonglha hehii leentaang thoh sina thoh nghaa jenii, arotho, eminjiina maniike esichinna hii enuw Naga phipham na amaching ethemhin na ebiir menuw ke sichinna vatekeruw.
FNR le Ehungjong Ejinchi amana Mi-derna aumnamaa Ruh (Recover Restore and Decolonise, RRaD) hehii Naga heshing, Naga themhin amana Naga nonglham na belungriir elhuwh ing nong ehintu ngamnehe, vokhejeke Naga sina nghinsemle leetaang jaatti tenaje ttonglha nluwhna.
Longleng tena upa ngkheh ing Ehungjong Ejinchi amana Mi-derna aumnamaa Ruh (Recover Restore and Decolonise, RRaD) he nhingna arhiirsa, “Emapa-emapu he hum Museum bangna mmingkhaar chuw ajiikhang deziim ing zaar vatemoh. Nretha po thamaa siite.” Tasaam Naga hum hechuw PRM he upu na umjeresii maniike nram-nram te jinchiteruw echii hii enuw Naga bekheh keena umne.
Echingvate ngkheng FNR hii ttonglha ntana ngngeediihna. Epur ing hevii nong ehintu lehing, ttonglhajeer amana ettha ntongte echum-laar erhiirpeevate kinlaasaana. Hevening echum-laar ttong FNR te emingkar peesaruw, amana rinnete vokhejeke Naga nonglham esuhna ntongte ekipeesamaaruw.


Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR)

Date: May 19, 2023.


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